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One would expect more backgammon books to reflect our better understanding of the game after the bots opened our eyes, but this is still a dream. In spite of the revolution in backgammon theory and practice during the last 20 years, writing books about backgammon has remained an Act of God. It just happens or not. Here are some of the best books on backgammon,found on The books of Danny Kleinman seems are not being sold on and I am sorry about that.
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  Your first backgammon book - Paul Magriels Backgammon

  Backgammon for Serious Players, Bill Robertie

  Advanced Backgammon, Positional play (Volume 1), Bill Robertie

  Advanced Backgammon, (Volume 2), Bill Robertie

  Winning Strategies, Robin Clay

  Backgammon for Serious Players, Bill Robertie

  Backgammon for Winners, Bill Robertie

  Backgammon (Teach Yourself Books)

  The Backgammon Handbook by Enno Heyken, Martin B.Fischer

  Win at Backgammon by Millard Fillmore Hopper

  Amazing Book of Backgammon by John Tremaine

  Scarne on Dice

  Scarnes Complete Guide on Gambling

  How to play tournament Backgammon Kit Woolsey

WBF Tournament Rules

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Таблите на Свило

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