Ploughing adds value

I like this theme. Words or numbers. See my introduction . Openings are sure the one side to start "ploughing the field". The other side is endings - remember Trice, Danny Kleinman, Robertie, Woolsey who started even without computers.

I like this forum because 1) It is best of the few. 2) because it gives flesh to the skeleton of numbers.

On both sides of the field it is easier to see what is done and what remains to be done (even if the remaining is overwhelmingly vast). One can see the same in chess.

I remember a joke I heard from my mother:

In the period of collectivisation in my country (when every peasant was "nearly" forced to contibute his land to a cooperative), a man used to go to bed every evening, caressing his wife and saying - "This field is for me to plough". Then, each time, he quickly fell asleep. One night, the wife replied quickly: "Do what you are going to do, because I am planning to contribute to the cooperative". Morale: Ploughing adds value.

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