Cohen Haim (DA) Black - Paul Margiel (X22) White , played on the 9th January 2004 on GamesGrid
DA (Green) vs. X22 (White)
7 point Match Game 1 Green-White 0-0

Match introduction
Dedicated to Harry - a childhood friend.
A friend of mine watched this match on GamasGrid and asked me to comment.
Paul Margiel (X22) - the backgammon prophet is a world legend. I know him personally since 1993, a day or two before I won the final of the Istanbul World Cup Challenge Intermediate against his pupil - the Danish Gitte Dalgaard. He then gave his kind permission and I published the first half of his bible Backgammon in Bulgarian.
The Bulgarian alphabet (adopted in 860 A.C. by the Bulgarian King Boris) is used in all the post Soviet-Union territory and post Yugoslavia territory. So this translation happened to be the first backgammon book of many Slavs.
Cohen Haim of Israel reminds me of the name of my childhood best friend Haim Chelebi Haimov. Our roads split when I was 11, but I still remember the carbon copy newspaper we made together...
Where are you Harry? I haven't seen you for ages.