Adriaen Van Ostade (1682?)
The backgammon players

Moments of idle time and sloth after the hard rural work.
Players look so deep into the game. A masterpiece!
David Teniers II (1640s)
Game of Backgammon

Players in gloomy inns and absorbed kibitzers of the game
they were one of Teniers favourite themes.
(Cleveland Museum of Arts)
David Teniers II (1640s)
Backgammon players

Another Teniers painting who was known for his genre scenes of peasant life and his power at characterizing his figures with a warm, human, and often humorous touch.
(National Gallery, London)
William Raddon (1833)
Backgammon game

Etching and engraving.
(California State Library (long loan)
Caravaggio (1595)

He was destined to turn a large part of European art away from the ideal viewpoint of the Renaissance to the concept that simple reality was of primary importance. The b-gammon board stands reactive (already used or to be used right after card-game)
Adriaen Van Ostade (1673)
Backgammon players outside an inn

One of the most popular Dutch painters, specializing from the start in genre painting of peasant life. His backgammon scenes with ink and sepias are unique..
Adriaen Brouwer (1635)
Bauern beim tricktrack spiel

Brouwer was a specialist in genre scenes, which took place in shabby, dirty, small taverns and inns, visited by peasants, beggars, tramps… They drink, eat, play cards and dice, smoke, sing, quarrel, fight...
Cornelis De Vos (17th c.)

He was was primarily a painter of portraits and family groups. Here an exception with a game scene where opponent and kibitzers with inanxious anticipation waiting for the outcome of the dice...
Theodore Rombouts (1634)
The backgammon players

The richly dressed nobleman says something about the situation on board, while the woman player looking with a bold expression on her face. Suggestions or a protest?
Christoph Jacobsz Van Der Lamen (1640-50s)
Elegant Company playing tric-trac

A piece of Dutch School, where aristocrats playing backgammon during a social intercourse. The picture it is not that good, but we really tried hard to discover that.
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