First backgammon festival Primorsko, Bulgaria for the cup of "Dunes" Rescheduled for May 2018


1. Objective:

To popularize the game of backgammon and to serve as a training venue for the Bulgarian experts and masters preparing for the forthcoming international tournaments. Participation of foreign players is welcome.

2. Organizers:

The festival will be held by the hotel "Dunes", town of Primorsko. Directorship by Svilen Todorov (aka Svilo), Sofia.

3. Time and venue:

May 2018 hotel "Dunes", town of Primorsko
All times used are Bulgarian time = Athens, Istanbul = GMT +3 = NY time +7 = CET + 2. The languages of this tournament shall be Bulgarian and English.

4. Eligibility:

All players who have submitted an application form and paid the entry fee of 100, 300 or 600 levs.

The exchange rate

is about
1.95 lev for one EURO. Banking and exchange fees apply.

The tournaments are:

The tournament of experts - entry 100 levs
The tournament of masters - entry 300 levs
The international tournament - entry 600 levs
The entry fees will be returned 95% into the prize fund.
The entries will be paid cash in the hotel. However at the time of filling your WEB APPLICATION FORM you need to specify whether you are bringing your own board.
This is a "Bring your board" - BYB tournament. Every player is allowed and asked to carry a board . Those who wish to be relieved of this obligation need to declare so in their WEB APPLICATION FORM.


SIGN UP DEADLINE- 18:00 on the ...May 2018.

All those who have signed up will receive e-mail or phone confirmation the same day.

Various materials of the Festival incl. Drawsheets in progress will be posted in the Dropbox folder. If you are not yet rgistered, please do it, and you get a 2GB free cloud space. You will be able to watch all tourney materials including the current drawsheet in real time.

5. Tournament system

: The three tournaments will be held in the double elimination system.
The draw will determine the playing pairs and the players who get a BYE in the first round. The players who have got a BYE and the winners of the playing pairs will pass to the second round of the UNDEFEATED wing of the tournament. From the second round there are no BYES in this wing and the DRAWSHEET is unchanged.

In the Second round 4, 8, 16 or 32 players have remained in the UNDEFEATED wing. Half of them- the winners pass in the third round. And so forth until a winner of this wing emerges. The losers in every round go to the wing of the DEFEATED players.

The DEFEATED wing collects all losing players. In the first round a draw determines the ONES WHO GET A BYE and those who play. . In the Second round 4, 8, 16 or 32 players have remained. Half of them- the winners pass in the third round. And so forth until a winner emerges.

The winner of the undefeated wing will then play the CHALLENGE SET against the winner of the undefeated. Matches are to 13. If the Undefeated wins he will be the CHAMPION of the tourney. If the winner of the defeated wing wins he is still not the champion. Another TIEBREAK match of the same length is held to decide the CHAMPION.

All matches in this festival will be to 13 points. The common international rules apply. The cases of disagreement will be decided by the Director or tournament committee. In any case the “Responsible moves" rule apply- moves are validated or contested before next player’s throw. Mutual agreement to play “Legal moves" will be invalid for judgement purposes unless written and signed by both players on the back of their scoresheets. A die on a checker is an invalid throw.


The winner of the encounter SET between the UNDEFEATED and the DEFEATED champions is declared CHAMPION OF THE TOURNAMENT.
The loser is the RUNNER-UP
The Second in the DFEATED wing is Third palce.

With more than 32 players in any tournament, more prizes will be awarded.

7. Time control:

If clocks are available, the time setting will be 40 minutes plus 12 seconds per move.


For those who registered online
If more than 30 players available
A bus is secured to carry players from Sofia to Primorsko and back for the price of total 50 levs both ways.
Monday 2018
. Bus: Sofia 14:00.- Plovdiv 16:00h .- Stara Zagora 17: h.- Primorsko 20:00h
Return Thursday : ?
The hotel will offer free parking.

13:00 h.- Cashier
13:45 h.- Draw
14:00 h.- First round
16:00 h.- Second round
18:00 h.- 3-rd round

09:30 h.- 4th-round
11:30 h - 5th round
13:00 h.- Break
14:00 h.- 6th round
16;00 h - 7th round Thursday
09:30 h.- 5-th round
12:00 h.- Awards ceremony.
14h.00h- Bus to Sofia

Note: The tournament director may make changes to this program in coordination with the organizing hotel administration The players should consult this document to be advised about such changes. If need be they will be advised by e-mail or phone or in the “Sofia backgammon" FACEBOOK group.


95% of the entry fees separately in each of the 3 tournaments will be distributed as follows:
Champion- 50%
Runner-up- 30%
Second place in the DEFEATED wing - 20%

If less than 16 players in any of the 3 tournaments the prizes will be: Champion 70% Runner-up 30% 0%
If less than 8 players- the winner takes all!

Jackpot tournaments may e held if there are enough players, eliminated from the DEFEATED wing, willing. Jackpots may be held with 4, 8 or 16 players. In jackpots the winner takes all. The jackpots have 95% return.

10. Lodging:

Hotel „Dunes", hotel "Exotic" phone: 359- 878 567 132
The hotel provides a free WIFI, free guarded parking, 2 swimming pools.
- Children up to 14 .- bed, breakfast and lunch- 25 levs.
- Adults - bed, breakfast and lunch - 35,00 levs

The above rates are only valid for the backgammon tourney guests and their families.

If you book from the hotel site you are getting the normal rate cited on the hotel site.
To contact the Tournament Director open my visiting card.

Pictures of Primorsko

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